What is Retractable Roof (an electric roof)?
One of the best options for people who suffer from a lack of space in their home or business is the use of Retractable Roof. Retractable Roof s can transform any play space into a new rooftop enclosure. From a balcony to the open space of a roof. This product is divided into two types of manual movable ceilings and automatic movable ceilings. The use of weatherproof structures and the use of resistant fabrics make it possible for customers to use this space safely. Electric ceilings use an engine to move or open the roof, which is why it is called Retractable Roof.
It can be used for Hotels, restaurants, balconies or terraces, rooftops, swimming pools, etc.

The use of Patio Cover is a good solution to the problem of water infiltration into windows during snow and rain and sunlight in the southern areas of the country, which is a serious problem. High strength, beauty, lightweight, high speed of installation and low cost over other coatings are part of the benefits of this product for covering doors and windows of buildings as well as commercial and office entrances. Besides, based on various kinds of models and sizes, there is a high potential benefit to use efficiently from patios and backyards with appropriate patio covers.
General Features of Patio cover:
- Elegant color in consumable sheets
- The base material is made of Aluminum and is resistant to atmospheric agents
- Efficiency and fast installation
- No size limitation inside layout

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1glass railing‬‏
JAMDIS Glass Railing Glass railing by jamdis can install by frame or frameless The number one reason to use glass in a railing system is great to view and beauty. The thickness of our glasses are 6-8-10 or 12mm and tempered and can install on the deck or floor or fascia mounted. There are so many kinds of clamps and cover caps available by stainless steel in this company. All glass railing system is widely used in crowded buildings such as hotels and office and commercial buildings due to their high strength and appearance. Integrated railing systems are less expensive than fully glass fences because of the use of secreted glass and are suitable for less crowded buildings.

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