Glass Railing

Glass Railing

Glass Railing

Glass Railing

JAMDIS Glass Railing comes in two:

  • all-glass fences

  • glass and metal fences

The models of all glass fences are:

  • work glass fence and burial glass fence

  • spigot glass fence

  • fixed point glass fence which is known as static self-fence

models Consolidated fences include stainless steel and aluminum glass fences, spider glass fences.

Glass railing by jamdis can install by frame or frameless The number one reason to use glass in the railing system is great to view and beauty. The thickness of our glasses are 6-8-10 or 12mm and tempered and can install on the deck or floor or fascia mounted. There are so many kinds of clamps and cover caps available by stainless steel in this company

Full glass fences are made and executed from a PVC layer.


All glass fences are widely used in crowded buildings such as hotels and office and commercial buildings due to their high strength and appearance.

Integrated glass fences are less expensive than fully glass fences because of the use of secreted glass and are suitable for less crowded buildings.


glass railingglass railing