Retractable waterproof cover
Retractable Waterproof Cover
September 18, 2018
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patio covers

patio covers

Aluminum Patio Cover By Jamdis Company

What is the use of Aluminum Patio Cover?

The use of an Aluminum Patio Cover is a good solution to the problem of water infiltration into windows during snow and rain and sunlight in the southern areas of the country, which is a serious problem.

High strength, beauty, lightweight, high speed of installation Patio, and low cost over other coatings are part of the benefits of this product for covering doors and windows of buildings as well as commercial and office entrances.

Besides, based on various kinds of models and sizes, there is a high potential benefit to use efficiently from patios and backyards with appropriate patio covers.

General Features  :

  • Elegant color in consumable sheets

  • The base material is made of Aluminum and is resistant to atmospheric agents

  • Efficiency and fast installation

  • No size limitation inside layout

  • All of the posts and structures can be performed by wood (pergola)

  • It can be used for Hotels, restaurants, balconies or terraces, rooftops, swimming pools, etc.

Product features :

Name: Patio Cover
Sheet Material: Glass
Structural Material: Aluminum

Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio Covers

Layer number: Three layers
Application: Residential – Office – Commercial – Industrial

Technical Specification :

How to open: Folding

Finish: Electrostatic powder

Fittings: Aluminum

Color group: white, black, red, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, crimson, navy, brown, silver, gold, gray

Feature: Earthquake- Waterproof- Flame Resistant- Wind & Storm Resistant- Anti-X-ray- Dust-proof- Heat Resistant- Sound Insulation- Thermal Insulation- Moisture Insulation

Features: Rainwater management system – Adjustable pop-up angle

After-sales support and service: parts supply and repair – product replacement and repair – installation – training

Why Patio Covers?

Vancouver usually has rainy weather and we all like to enjoy coffee in rainy and snowy weather How ere It is not possible without having a patio cover, we have the best and highest quality materials. We guarantee our products for up to 5 years and we assure you that we are always at your service with the best staff to serve it.

  • Integrated coverage
  • Color stability
  • Reasonable cost
  • Lightweight and beauty
  • Fire resistance



Advantages of using Aluminum in Patio Covers





Why should we use Aluminum patio covers?

Canada has humid and rainy weather and the best material for outdoor use is aluminum. Aluminum is more durable than other materials. The density of aluminum is 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, which is about one-third that of iron or copper.

The lightweight aluminum makes it the primary choice for use as Patio Covers frames because it creates less weight on the structure and is easier to install and transport.

The Jamdis Patio cover is mainly designed to prevent rain and is modern made. Because It is the main protector of buildings and structures, and in different seasons, whether in heat and cold or exposed to wind and storms.
They must be made of durable materials. Non-flammable and completely refractory materials are used in the production and construction of the cover, so this type of roof covering is very resistant to thermal fluctuations.

Why does not aluminum rust?

Rust resistance is the best reason to use aluminum outdoors. We use the best kind of materials in our products.


Aluminum Patio Cover is recyclable?

One of the most special properties of Aluminum metal is its extraordinary recyclability. In a way, the quality of recycled aluminum is not much different from raw aluminum.

75% of the aluminum made to date is still in use.

This is also excellent from an environmental point of view and nature is less damaged.

This property of aluminum is also very economical because the cost of recycling aluminum is between 5 and 10% of the cost of the initial extraction of aluminum.

Very strong

The strength of aluminum does not disappear even at temperatures below zero, which means that it is suitable for making any kind of Covers, even in cold regions. We also use this material in the Retractable Waterproof cover(pergola) and Glass railing


Therefore, we have professional and efficient staff with a strong resume and a valid guarantee, we offer you products that provide your 100% satisfaction.

Jamdis, according to the Patio design of the building and the type of climate of your city, introduces suitable and cost-effective products, and from the beginning to the delivery of the roof project, it is by your side.

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