Retractable fabric roof (pergola)
September 18, 2018
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What is the use of Patio Cover?

The use of Patio Cover is a good solution to the problem of water infiltration into windows during snow and rain and sunlight in the southern areas of the country, which is a serious problem. High strength, beauty, lightweight, high speed of installation and low cost over other coatings are part of the benefits of this product for covering doors and windows of buildings as well as commercial and office entrances. Besides, based on various kinds of models and sizes, there is a high potential benefit to use efficiently from patios and backyards with appropriate patio covers.

General Features of Patio cover:


  • Elegant color in consumable sheets

  • The base material is made of Aluminum and is resistant to atmospheric agents

  • Efficiency and fast installation

  • No size limitation inside layout

  • All of the posts and structures can be performed by wood (pergola)

  • It can be used for Hotels, restaurants, balconies or terraces, rooftops, swimming pools, etc.

Product features:

Name: Patio Cover
Sheet Material: Glass
Structural Material: Aluminum

Layer number: Three layers
Application: Residential – Office – Commercial – Industrial

Technical Specification:

How to open: Folding

Finish: Electrostatic powder

Fittings: Aluminum

Color group: white, black, red, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, crimson, navy, brown, silver, gold, gray

Feature: Earthquake- Waterproof- Flame Resistant- Wind & Storm Resistant- Anti-X-ray- Dust-proof- Heat Resistant- Sound Insulation- Thermal Insulation- Moisture Insulation

Features: Rainwater management system – Adjustable pop-up angle

After-sales support and service: parts supply and repair – product replacement and repair – installation – training


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