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September 18, 2018
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September 18, 2018

Retractable Waterproof Cover by Jamdis Patio Covers

What is a Retractable Waterproof Cover (water-resistant cover)?

This cover or Retractable Fabric Roof  One of the best options for people who suffer from a lack of space in their home or business is the use of a Retractable Roof.

A Roof can transform any play space into a new rooftop enclosure. From a balcony to the open space of a roof.

This product is an automatic movable ceiling. The use of waterproof structures and the use of resistant fabrics (PVC Nano Material) make it possible for customers to use this space safely.

Motorized ceilings use an engine to move or open the roof, which is why it is called Retractable Roof.

It can be used for Hotels, restaurants, balconies or terraces, rooftops, swimming pools, Deck and etc.

Retractable Fabric Roof

NEW Roof


How does this Waterproof Cover work?

As explained briefly, the Retractable has a fixed frame and retractable engine. Electric ceilings made of fabric in different colors.

 Waterproof Cover Components:

Retractable waterproof cover By JAMDIS

Retractable waterproof cover By JAMDIS

  • Removable fabric roof structures on

  • Ceiling Motor

  • Projections system open or retrieve the cover.

  • Move or stop control system

  • Lighting system with different colors

  • Patio posts

  • Variety of colors in fabric sheets


 The benefit of Retractable Patio Cover :

Retractable fabric roof

Retractable fabric roof

  • It can be used as a completely separate case

  • Electric ceiling frames have glass or shade mounting which can be used as a room

  • Electric roof fabric is highly resistant to water and fire

  • The sensor can be installed to automate it

  • Increases space

    Retractable fabric roof

    Retractable fabric roof

  • Corrosion and rust-resistant

  • Use of resistant aluminum in structures

  • Design in custom colors and surfaces

  • Remote control capability

  • Quite quiet

  • With drainage system to guide water during rain (with the electric roof open)

  • Possibility of lighting

Places Used Products :

  • Appropriate for balconies and roofless terraces

  • Appropriate for open-air restaurants, coffee shops, or any kind of business.

  • Can be used for outdoor pools and garden halls

  • Usable in an open parking

  • Retractable waterproof cover usable in a roof garden

  • Can be used as a pavilion

Retractable Cover Lighting :

Retractable fabric roof

Retractable fabric roof

The Retractable waterproof cover is used as a separate backpack for outdoor use or In order to be able to use this space at night also, we can also illuminate them.

This advantage in the Retractable Roof has made this product surprisingly popular and amazing.




How to install a retractable fabric roof?

Here is Assembly instruction to download


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