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JAMDIS Co. Based on more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry (Automatic Roof, Glass Railing, Automatic Shield, Curtain Shield, Electric Curtain, Patio Cover) relying on its numerous engineering experiences and technical expertise, the company has always been evaluating the luxury and high-quality construction products market and paying attention to its costumer's requests.
This process of product innovation and upgrading in 2017 has led to the launch of a new and applicable product for employers in the collection. This product is presented with the approach of roofing outdoor spaces for use in four seasons.

Why we are famous:

Jamdis is one of innovators of dynamic facades in Canada Our abilities in any project shows we can do anything's that seems impossible


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The mission and vision of the company

JAMDIS Patio Cover located in Port Coquitlam, Vancouver Canada has always been in the market for luxury and high-quality products and the needs of its customers.

Since the company considers its main duty to provide an effective and perfect service to our dear customers.

JAMDIS Co relying on the investment and high technical knowledge of the company engineers has directly imported the products required by the customers.

JAMDIS Co. has direct control over the high quality of its products.

This has made it possible for our precious customers to achieve their desired results with more ease and speed.

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