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Patio Covers Vancouver


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Patio Cover Vancouver

Why do we offer Patio Cover In Vancouver?

Patio Covers Vancouver – With the support of  Jamdis professional team and a variety of options, Jamdis wants to help families enjoy their outdoor properties with patio covers in beautiful Vancouver.

We will build a patio for you that is functional and meets your expectation and taste. With our experienced team, and quality materials we will create a space where you enjoy sun and rain and fresh weather.

Patio Cover Vancouver
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Your Option and feature of our Patio Cover !

Different options for Patio Covers based on your space and your need:

Retractable Waterproof Cover

– Glass Patio Cover

Half and Full Pergola

– Wooden Post & Beams

Aluminium Patio Cover


  • 5-year Product Warranty
  • 2-year Installation Warranty
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customization to match your expectation
  • Verities of Color

Patio Cover In Vancouver

Vancouver & Victoria have the mildest climates in Canada. But the fact is Vancouver also sees an average of 1457mm of rain with an average of 165 rainy days per year. It means almost half of the year is rainy. But not all the months’ rain is heavy.

The beauty is rain and romance relate to each other. They relate because they are my two favorite things. And what’s a good romance without a little rain? Rain washes away the pain. It’s great for a kiss to make things better. Or it can hide the tears.

Jamdis with a professional team of designers, and installers is able to help you enjoy rain and romance with your loved ones with a customized patio based on your taste.

With our Retractable Patio Covers and glass patio cover or Retractable glass walls , you could enjoy the view and also feel the beauty of your garden in a safe and sweet space.

But the other half of the year we have sun and shiny and bright days.

August is the hottest month in Vancouver with an average temperature of 18°C (64°F). Jamdis could create a space where as enjoying the sun and fresh air but you could protect your skin and kids from the harm of sun’s rays.
The best way to enjoy rainy weather in Vancouver or sunny weather is to have a Patio cover.

Vancouver Patio Cover
Aluminum patio Cover
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