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Glass Patio Covers

Glass Patio Covers
Glass Patio Covers
Glass Patio Covers

Glass Patio Covers JAMDIS patio Cover

Glass Patio Covers

The backyard is a sunny space that is either without a roof or has a patio covers roof, which is usually implemented in the design of the house. So the patio is a mechanism that has access to natural sunlight. In this article, we try to introduce you to different types of glass patio cover roofs for patios so that you can have a beautiful and sunny backyard. But a backyard without a patio can not create a comfortable space for you, usually requires a patio roof to prevent direct light, rain, and other natural factors.

Glass Patio Cover
Glass Patio Covers

Advantages of Glass Patio Covers

You can turn this part of your home into an ideal and beautiful space by installing a glass roof for the patio. A space where you can relax. Glass roofs create a cover on the patio of your home and make it possible for you to have a roof over your head, but not deprived of seeing the sky and the outside space. Glass roofs prevent the harmful rays of the sun from entering and protect you from rain, wind, and heat. There are also various movable glass roofs in the market that you can open the roof whenever you want and enjoy the fresh air.

Another advantage of these dropped ceilings is that they prevent energy waste. However, the patio is part of the building and when it is connected to the open space, it causes to waste heat and cold to enter during the cold seasons of the year, and vice versa in the warm seasons of the year. As a result, you need more energy to heat or cool your home. But a sliding glass roof can save energy and reduce energy costs. While directing sunlight into the patio space.

Another feature of the sliding glass roof is its beauty. By choosing a movable roof, you can make the patio space more beautiful and make any use of your backyard. Many people place flowers and plants in this part of the house and many people provide relaxed and beautiful space and spend their free time on the patio of the house.

Retractable Glass Patio Covers

We said that one of the categories is based on the type of movement. There are two types of glass dropped ceilings: fixed and rail. Rail or retractable roofs can be opened and closed manually or by remote control. The newest and most modern glass roofs for patios are automatic or smart roofs.

Temperature-sensitive sensors are attached to these roofs, which, depending on the temperature you set, will close automatically when the outside temperature reaches that level or it starts to rain.

Roofs that have this function are called automatic roofs. In the smart glass ceiling, there are other features such as adjusting the amount of light absorption, so that by pressing the button, the glass will be transparent and with the off button, the glass will be smoky too.

Glass Patio Covers
aluminum patio covers

Cost of Glass Patio Covers

Due to the fact that we said that the glass roof for the patio has many different types, naturally, the price of the glass roof will also vary according to its type and model. For detailed information on the cost of your patio glass roof, just contact Albatross and ask our consultants for help.
Factors that affect the price of glass roofs include the type of roof, whether it is fixed or movable, and the quality of the roof. If you are looking for a cheap purchase and installation of a sliding patio roof, we must say that polycarbonate roofs have a lower price than glass roofs. But note that sometimes the cheapness of the glass roof is due to the poor quality of the materials used in it. If you provide such a roof, the roof may not be well-sealed and water may enter the patio when it rains.
Considering the prices, suspended and bubble ceilings are more expensive than plain and fixed glass ceilings.