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Deck Covers & Pergolas
Deck Covers & Pergolas
Deck Covers & Pergolas

PergolasDeck Covers & Pergolas by jamdis Patio Cover

What is Pergola?

The pergola can probably be classified into a family of pavilions. But this structure is very different from the pavilion. Pergola is a structure with a lattice roof that is used in gardens to design beautiful entrances, landscaping, traffic routes or seating; In addition, pergolas can be used on roofs. Unlike traditional types made of gypsum and brick columns, modern pergolas are made of materials such as wood, fibreglass, aluminum, and so on.

maybe you are the kind of person who is not familiar with the meaning of this word, but we are sure that after studying this and getting to know this product you will join a large group of lovers, the existence of a beautiful environment and space for friends and family parties and periods in the grounds of the home, garden and villa can make these programs more enjoyable and attractive. It can be mentioned that they are also an optimal space for partying, sitting and eating, although all of these things are different.

What are the materials and raw materials for making pergola? 

These structures can be prepared as well as customized. The materials used for making pergolas are wood, metal and vinyl.

Wood: The use of wood as a classic material for the construction of a pergola transforms space into a natural space. Wood and processed products such as thermowood are a very good investment in terms of the strength and unique beauty of the structures. Their modes are products with very high stability against moisture penetration, warping surfaces, insect attack and termite penetration!!!

 The benefit of Pergola :

Creating a defined space in the outdoor environment for different uses
Creating a platform for growing ivy and ivy plants or hanging decorative pots
Creating a semi-open space that is suitable for cooking and setting fires in terms of ventilation.
Creating a focal point in the design of outer green spaces
No need for infrastructure, facilities or a specific platform

Choosing the right pergola

What is Pergola?

To make the right pergola, you have to pay attention to the location and application. The choice of materials made depends on its location or, for example, if it is considered as an entrance, it doesn’t have to have a lace-like roof. if you want to be safe from the sun, you have to consider a good roof for it.


Pergola Designs

Pergolas can be categorized both in shape and design and in terms of gender. Their classification by gender is more common, and therefore we only need titles in the discussion of different types of pergola designs, but we will explain more in detail the types of materials used to make pergola.

Types of pergola designs

Gable or Pitch

What are the materials and raw materials for making pergola? 

Deck Covers & Pergolas

How do you make a simple pergola?

The price of the pergola is one of the basic items for the employer, which fortunately is applicable according to the budget, while the price of this structure will vary according to the design, density and type of profiles or area that is intended for its construction.

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How much does a pergola roof system cost?

How to Build a Pergola, Pergola is applicable both prefabricated and executable on-site. In addition, its shape and size can be square, rectangular, curved and even custom shapes in desired sizes depending on the employer’s wishes.
It is not possible only in prefabricated and ready-made samples. The construction of Pergola is not something that anyone can handle and it is better to be entrusted to the experts but to have a general view of the construction process of this beautiful structure, we have briefly described the implementation process here.
Pergola accessories add manifold to its beauty, and for incoming pergolas, use processed plants, think that a few meters ahead of your door is a wooden pergola with flowers and plants, and the thought of passing through that part is fascinating, let alone that. (If you have an almost large yard, be sure to use Pergola as an entrance or a camellia-like model.
If you want to use it as a place to relax or by the pool, you have a lot of choices for accessories. If you want to have a modern pergola and you don’t like ivy and capitals, you can use lace or cloth ceilings (if you choose cloth, think about cleaning it too! ). if you have a metal pergola, double glazing is an interesting choice.


What is division according to pergola structure?

Independent Pergola

These structures can be installed separately and independently of another building, in this case on four sides of the structure, columns such as the base are embedded to hold it.

Wall-dependent pergola

In such circumstances, Pergola is attached to the building or building on the one hand, and on the other hand, using two columns as the base gains the stability and strength necessary to stand.

Riveting Pergola

The structures, in this case, are very similar to camellias and since they have a hedge wall, they have a very pleasant and dengue atmosphere.

Structures with a yacht-shaped roof

If we intend to create a complete shadow structure, the roofs made of fabric can be used in the sail mode. Of course, the fabric used should have a solid material for outdoor use. These types of pergolas are new, stylish and unique and are a very convenient option to run in minimalist environments

Pergola with steep roof

These structures, whose roofs are designed steeply, can be a beautiful living room in greenery for a variety of seasons.


different types of pergolas

Wooden pergola

is the most beautiful and popular type of this structure, pergola with wood that can be made with different types of wood, because wood is sensitive to different weather conditions, of course, the emergence of thermowood in recent years has largely solved this problem (thermowood is a processed wood at high temperatures that is more resistant to conventional wood)

Metal Pergola

Metals such as aluminum and steel are suitable for making pergola, as they are both resistant to weather conditions and have good flexibility for different designs. Metal costs more than wood but instead requires less care, and stainless metals are resistant to light, rain, rising and decreasing temperatures

A few golden points about Pergola to remember.

· When are the frequently asked questions that are always asked by the buyers of this structure, what is the right size for the construction of Pergola? The size and dimensions of Pergola is an important issue that should be determined by considering the number of users. If you are not faced with space limitations in the place where you want to be ahead of this structure, build a large size pergola that will easily meet your needs during parties and gatherings.

· If you want to use this product on your roof, consider the weather conditions and how the wind blows. Also, consult with relevant experts in this field in Omran Mall about the amount of pressure that is put on the roof.
· To increase the longevity and durability of these structures, pay attention to climatic conditions when choosing their materials.

· Metal-made pergolas are a more suitable option for industrial style designs and the pergolas made of wood and thermowood are full of nature and vitality.

· The use of roofed and covered structures is suitable for use in rainy areas.
In the end, we appreciate the constant companionship of your loved ones and we hope that the
presented materials will be useful for you
To build a variety of pergolas, you can get help from the Arcanozha Design and Implementation Group,
we are always there for you to create whatever makes your surroundings more pleasant for you

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